European call: EU Network of Creative Hubs and Co-working Spaces

In line with Regulation No 1295/2013, the Creative Europe Annual Work Programme for 2015pdf link to another EC website Choose translations of the previous link includes the launch of a call for proposals in order to build on experimental business models and to help spread their knowledge and facilitate their dissemination.

European call: Pilot project supporting networks of young creative entrepreneurs: EU and third countries

This pilot project aims at creating a Platform that will gather existing networks of young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors in the EU and in third countries and that will facilitate the creation of new ones. The Platform will enable connections/exchanges between professionals from Europe and third countries and help a new generation of creative professionals to accelerate their professional development.

Calling for projects for S-3D movies, AR/VR contents, and videogames

The 3D Content Financing Market (3DFM) is an international co-production and financing market fully dedicated to projects for various types of stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) contents.