"Les femmes issues de la diversité et l’entrepreneuriat"

In the last 10 years, the number of Belgian self-employed grew 8% and the number of foreign self-employed in Belgium has grown more than doubled (+ 131%). Entrepreneurs, men and women, are talented!
But the fact is that women are still fewer than men to start their business. Why?  Would they have specific difficulties? Or other reasons to explore???

Project Submissions for the 5th edition of Frontières is Open

The Frontières International Co-Production Market is the first and only co-production market to connect North America and Europe with a specific focus on genre film.

« Mediapark », the new place for the media industry in Brussels

The Brussels government wants to develop a "Mediapark" metropolitan scale in a wide area around Reyers, with the goal of to bring together business, cultural organizations and educational and research institutions. The "Mediapark" is an milestone in the development of the Brussels media industry. It includes audiovisual, media, gaming, web, multimedia, advertising, entertainment and more.