RTL Belgium creates its own medialab

After a 2014 full of digital development, RTL Belgium has decided to focus on digital innovation and invest even more heavily in new media and new broadcasting methods.
The first role of this medialab division will be to support the TV, Radio and Sales departments in their digital deployment by testing, validating and coordinating innovation and research projects on their behalf.

Growth and profit through innovation

Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o impulse.brussels is offering a new service about the evaluation of the innovation management of your company.
This new innovation service can help you:
- identify the problems that keep you awake at night and how to tackle them together (price pressure from competitors, lack of skilled people, difficult to identify new customers, make profit,…).

microStart, a financing solution for unbanked entrepreneurs to establish or expand a small business

microStart is a non profit cooperative with a social purpose formed by a group of companies. It has set itself the task to support those excluded from the traditional banking system who wish to create or develop their own business.  There is two type of financement:
• Via a microcredit of €500 to €15,000. The microcredit can allow the purchase of a professional vehicle, professional equipment, inventory  as well as the formation of a cash reserve.