Les ateliers du jeu vidéo première série de 3 workshops sur la création de jeux vidéos

Since last August, screen.brussels has worked closely with the Game Dev Community in Brussels to build and industry. In collaboration with the Brotaru, Belgian Independent Game Association, Belgian Blender User Group and the Botkamp, we are nos launching a series of workshop to bring game lovers and hobbyist game developers to reconsider their professional path. To know more about this initiative, we invite you to consult each session in our agenda section!

Aide à la Création Numérique en Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

In 2006, a specific support for digital arts has been initiated. The Committee on digital arts addresses its advice and support proposals to the Minister of Culture and Audiovisual. Submissions are to be submitted via downloadable forms here. These forms and any additional information shall be sent in a single file by email to the digital arts department in Word, pdf or rtf (maximum 5Mb), with the subject line « demande d’aide/titre du projet». Projects must be made at least in French.


With at least 5 Belgian startups recently securing a considerable funding round, it is clear that the Belgian tech talent is gearing up and ready to conquer the world. To keep the momentum going and allow our most talented entrepreneurs to get efficient and direct access to tech investors from all over the world, Tech Tour announced the opening of the call for applications for the Benelux Tech Tour which will take place in Belgium and the Netherlands May 20-21, 2015.